Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Gay Boy Scouts That Should Never Be

The Boy Scouts of America have proposed to allow gay members into the Boy Scouts. They say, they won't allow the leaders to be gay, but will allow the boy scouts themselves to be gay. As a father of a nine year old boy, I have a problem with this. In fact, I have a few problems with this.

The Boy Scouts of America are supposed to be a Christian organization, a private organization. Deciding to change your rules to please a small group of people and insult the rest of your members is a problem. I feel uneasy sending my son to camp knowing there could be some gay children in the mix. This brings a question to mind, why would you discuss anything sexual in the Boy Scouts anyway.

Do you know the security checks we go through to be part of the Cub Scout/ Boy Scouts? I had an FBI check, there is a class we have to go through and there are plenty of rules. We do not discuss anything sexual with the boys. This is not allowed in any way. Okay, so you have gay scouts. How do we know they are gay? Because they decide they need to tell us about their sexuality. If they kept it to themselves, there would be no problem for any boy to be a Boy Scout. The problem with gay people in this country is they have to let everybody know they are gay and they expect everybody to give them special treatment because they came out of the closet.

I have no hate for gay people, but I will tell you something. Every aspect of the gay life is a moral situation. They choose to be gay and choose to follow through with their choices. As a Christian, homosexuality is taught as a wrong choice. Gay people are telling all of us they need to be allowed to marry and be allowed into every organization because it is their civil rights. It has nothing to do with civil rights. Everything the gay people are trying to force down our throats is a moral issue. They have different morals than most of us do and they believe we should accept it hook line and sinker. The problem is this fish is not biting because the bait sucks.....
Now my son suffers because I had to take him out of the Cub Scouts

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