Monday, December 30, 2013

Favorite Duck Dynasty Characters-SI

Hopefully, you have had the chance to watch Duck Dynasty. You have a family of self-proclaimed Red Necks who became millionaires with duck calls. They are a fun Christian family that put a unique spin on television. At first, I did not watch the show because I thought it would be dumb. When I finally did, I could not get enough of Duck Dynasty.

My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Si. Si is the uncle of Willie, who is the CEO of Duck Dynasty. Si is a Vietnam Vet and he is very eccentric. He works with his family at their company, if you want to call what he does as work.  He carries a cup and a jug of iced-tea everywhere he goes. He loves to hunt and have Red Neck fun. I like Si because he is funny and fun loving. At times, he seems mentally ill, but he is actually pretty smart. Si believes he can do everything well, but he messes up most everything he does.

Most of the family make fun of Si, but you can tell they love him. He is unique and a very important part of their family. One time, he quit the company and everything began falling apart. Si does not look like he works, seems lazy, but is an important part of Duck Dynasty.

Some of my favorite moments with Si are when he does the Turkey dance while they are hunting turkeys, when he drives the truck all around town, messing up the gears and always going the wrong direction and when he spends hundreds of dollars in a children's arcade to win the purple gorilla. There are so many more fun times with Si on Duck Dynasty. Si is my favorite person, but each person on the show has some very like-able qualities.

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