Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dinner For My Son's 18th Birthday

Wow i can say summer colds are nasty and Iv been having an awful time with my phone, but still had to make a special dinner for my baby. yah i know ... it was his 18th birthday but hes still my baby.
So anyways i made homemade sliders and ff. Sliders were easy.... make your hamberger mix like you would for reg. hambergers, I use 21/2 lbs for 24 sliders, then take out a cookie sheet and spread the hamberger filling evenly on cookie sheet.... Note : your hamberger will shrink so buy the best ground beef you can the less fat the less it will in 400 oven for 25 mins or until done the way you like. turn off oven cut some velveta cheese on top and stick back in oven for cheese to melt while your deep frying you fries and putting out your sliced pickles and condiments... take your cookie sheet out and cute your mini burgers with a pizza cutter or knife. Now enjoy with your family. I was vey lucky my local dollar store had pepridge farms slider buns for of course a dollar :)


Ellen Coffie

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