Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Scare Called Obamacare

I hate taxes. I also hate Obamacare and the thing has not even started to destroy my life. I hear that we will be paying extra taxes beginning in January because of Obamacare. Who needs more taxes?

I thought about Obamacare and this is what bugs me. When you go to a doctor today, you wait an hour and a half just to see your doctor. He spends two minutes with you, gives you a bunch of prescriptions and tells you to come back in two weeks. Can you imagine what it will be like with Obamacare? How many hours will we spend in line to see the Doctor? Will the Doctor be a good doctor or will he just be an ordinary doctor paid by our government.? We know how good the government already does with social security, our public schools etc. Okay, my ramblings are over for now................You will see what I mean when you get stuck with Obamacare....

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