Friday, December 27, 2013

Who Should Pay For Benghazi

You know what happened. Our Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, along with two Navy Seals and another man. The problem was our government tried to pull the wool over our eyes. They said the Benghazi attack was because of some stupid anti-Muslim YouTube video. Now, we know, Benghazi was an attack which was planned to take place on the anniversary of 9/11. Officials in the White House were watching this event take place live and they refused to help our people in Libya. These men died and their blood cries out for justice.

So who should pay for Benghazi? I will be blunt. If the President lied, he should be impeached. Whoever watched this event live and refused to help these men should all lose their jobs. I don't care how high up it goes, these men are heroes and their blood cries out for justice.

Imagine being one of the family members who had to bury their loved ones. How would you feel if government officials did not think your family members lives were important enough to help them? You would be angry that this situation has gone this long without anybody taken the blame for the death of these four men.

The Benghazi situation will eventually fizzle. This is what happens in today's government. They will have an investigation and somebody will pay. They may or may not be involved in the situation. The President will make it through this situation like he always does, clean and ready to fight for his socialistic agenda. 

Let The War Begin

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