Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Common Services Offered by Rehab Facilities

The options are limitless when it comes to seeking treatment for any kind of addiction. One person’s care can be more or less intense than the next person’s. Someone may need treatment on the whole spectrum, from detox to inpatient treatment to family counseling. Following are common services offered by treatment centers like the Palm Beach Institute, which include medical detoxification, adult rehabilitation, and adolescent treatment.

Medical Detox

Sometimes, rehabilitation clinics will not accept a patient until they have already been detoxed or sober for some period of time. Other places include this as part of their treatment. So many substances are so highly addictive that weaning off of them needs to be done carefully and under close supervision. Heroin, prescription pills, methamphetamine, and alcohol are some such substances. Professionals can prevent or minimize withdrawal symptoms using certain types of medication. Health can be regained in a reasonable period of time in a stable way, while also treating any other medical conditions.

Adult Rehabilitation

Another service offered by treatment centers is adult rehabilitation. Adult addiction can be different from adolescent addiction, and the treatment process may differ. Realizing that adults come with value systems, culture, and a variety of reasons behind their addictive behaviors is an important part of treatment. Adult care should be individualized and aid in the transition from inpatient care to what happens after treatment is finished. Special attention should be paid to cases with repeated relapses as well.

Adolescent Programs

Adolescent programs can vary from place to place. Some are lockdown facilities for extreme cases, where adolescents are held against their will. But any addict who hopes for lasting change has to want it, so teens will more likely be successful in an environment in which they are choosing to stay. Finding a facility that makes teens feel safe, accepted, and understood is important for their successful recovery. Peer influences are extremely important to analyze in adolescent treatment, as are any developmental issues the teen may have faced. Places like the Palm Beach Institute can also incorporate educational requirements into treatment. Detoxifying, rehabilitating adults, and treating teenagers are just a few services offered by rehabilitation programs.

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