Monday, December 16, 2013

The Angel In The Emergency Room

They rushed me to the hospital because I was in horrible pain. I was sweating and I was afraid. I knew something was wrong. They operated on my kidney the week before and now I was back. All the way to the hospital, I kept asking God to please help me. The head nurse walked into the room. She asked me what was wrong, I told her and asked her if I was going to die. She told me, she was asked that question all the time and she had no idea what was wrong with me. She also told me she ordered pain medicine and it was on the way.

A Muslim girl approached my room. I was a little afraid because I did not hear too much good about Muslim people in the news. She approached me and asked me how I felt. I told her and asked her if she could notify my wife about my condition. She couldn't find a phone, so she allowed me to use her cell phone. She put me at ease and actually made me feel much better. The head nurse brought the pain medicine and this nice lady gave it to me.

They rushed me into an MRI. They took pictures as quick as possible and moved me back to the room. They told me an artery in my kidney was bleeding and I needed emergency surgery immediately. I saw the Muslim girl look into my room, smile and disappear. She will never know how much she comforted me in the worst time of my life. She was gone so quickly, I never had the chance to thank her for her kindness.

They did the emergency surgery. I was in intensive care for Thanksgiving day and half the next day. They moved me to another floor where I was put on bed rest. My Hemoglobin got down to 616, so they had to do a couple of blood transfusions. I was scared, but I knew God was there with me. I thanked him for the angel he put in the emergency room to comfort me at my time of need. When she first arrived, I looked at her as a Muslim girl. By the time she left, I realized she was more likely an angel put in that particular place to take care of me and comfort me. I will never look at Muslim people in the same way again because I learned some people are just good people.

After six days, I left the hospital again. This time, my instructions were explained to me to the tee. They wanted to make sure I healed completely without having any more setbacks. My hemoglobin level is finally at a much better level. I stopped pain medicine ten days ago and I feel a little bit better every day. I still remember nurse after nurse telling my wife and I that I would not have made it if I did not get to the hospital when I did. It scares you to hear things like that. But it feels good to know God does watch over us when we need Him the most.

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