Thursday, February 2, 2012

We Joined The Cub Scouts

My seven year old son and I joined the Cub Scouts tonight. My son is now a wolf and is ready to join in on the fun. Lucky for us, we joined through our church. St. Stephen Catholic Church has the best Cub Scouts in this area. They do fun things every week and we are happy to be part of the fun.

I hope over the weeks that we get to share our experiences/pictures with you through this blog. We are excited and ready to enjoy everything the Cub Scouts has to offer. My son is seven and is already hooked on video games. He needs to get out of the house and spend some valuable time with his father.

It looks like our first event will be showing up this Sunday morning at the worship service at our church. Next week, we may actually go on a field trip. We look forward to the Cub Scouts and I hope they are ready for us too. Hurray for The Cup Scouts!!

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