Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aunt Nee's Salsa Spice Mixes Review and Giveaway 2/21/2012

The Aunt Nee’s Company sent me two packages of their salsa spice packets to try and do a giveaway. They sent me mild and medium spice mixes. I went to Walmart and bought a can of diced tomatoes for $.64 cents.
When I got home, I took the medium spice packet and mixed it with the diced tomatoes. I actually threw both in the mixer and turned it on for a few seconds. I poured the salsa into a container and put it in the refrigerator to chill.
A couple of hours later, I test tasted the Aunt Nee’s salsa mix. It was pretty spicy and delicious. It was just right for me, but a little spicy for ids. I believe the mild spice mix would be perfect for children if it is just a tad less spicy.
I am a chips and salsa lover and this salsa was perfect. It tasted just as good as any salsa you can buy in the store and it is actually very inexpensive. You can use the salsa in any of your recipes you use with salsa. I will try it on my PR food recipe in the near future.
The giveaway will be for two winners of three packets of Aunt Nee’s salsa spice packets.  You will receive one each of mild, medium and hot spice mixes. I love this salsa, trust me, you will too......

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