Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go To Cosmetic Dentist NYC When Your Appearance Matters To You

I went to a dentist a few years ago and he told me I needed a crown on one of my front teeth. I had been having pain when chewing food and I decided he must be right because he was a dentist. The dentist did his work and my tooth still felt uncomfortable for a few days. After a week, my tooth finally felt better and I forgot about it.

A couple of months ago, I was chewing my food and something horrible happened. I bit into a hard piece of food and my front tooth snapped in half. I took the piece of tooth out of my mouth and immediately remembered the dentist a few years back. The results made me wish I went to Cosmetic Dentist NYC when I had the chance. The dentist who worked on me obviously wanted to put a crown on my front tooth because I had good dental insurance and he knew I was eventually going to come back.

I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. A hockey player was looking back at me. I had to do something about this mess. I went to the best dentist in town and he told me I had to replace my tooth. He gave me options and I chose the option that best fitted me and my lifestyle. This cosmetic dentistry was very important to me because I did not want to look like a hockey player for the rest of my life. I still look back at the dentist who put a crown in my front tooth and wonder what he was thinking.

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