Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Dream About A Nice Place To Sit and Relax

I'm a dreamer, I wish we lived in a world where everybody picked up after their pets. I wish there were pet waste stations where your pets could do their thing and nothing winds up on the bottom of my shoe. I know, i'm a dreamer. Wouldn't it also be nice to have dog exercise equipment and dietitians for your pet, so they would live longer? We talk about healthy people, maybe it's time to talk about healthy pets too. yes, i'm a dreamer.

It would be cool to be able to go to the park with your children and your pets together. All the dogs would try to get along and not sniff or bark at each other. People would get along and there would be enough space for everybody to sit and be comfortable. Maybe somebody should invent inexpensive portable bleachers that are actually comfortable.

It would be cool because you could use these same aluminum bleachers at your children's pee wee football or Little League baseball games. Having the right chair or bench to sit on at the right time is very important. I mean have you ever seen enough seating on the beach? They usually want to charge you to sit in a comfortable chair. I know there has to be a place who builds all of theses types of seats to make all of our lives comfortable. You know, the same people who make the best seats for your decks or patio furniture. When you sit on that comfortable seat at the beach, it is not a dream. It is most likely a well built and comfortable Adirondack Chair.

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