Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death To A Bug!!

The empty classroom
peace dwells in the air
the loneliness, now stale
does anybody care?
Sure they do
someone has come to clean
what a pretty scene
again, alone in the darkness
everyone is gone
disaster is near
the mouse is having fun
I flew away just in time
he swings at me
his touch is that of slime
a spider
is chasing after me
he tired, I am
but still I must get free
i'm safe at last
and now must take a nap, 
but suddenly
I hear this frightful tap
The sunshine
it's time to fly again
the students come
none of them, my friends
the laughter
what a noise i've found
the soda pop
this time I almost drowned
somebody sees me
those eyes will do me in
ouch! he hits my wings
the closest I have been
i'm limping
the pain! the awful pain!
he hits me
again, again, again!
the foot
how awesome is the trap
it's closer now
oh no!, oh no!, oh splat!.......

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