Friday, February 24, 2012

The Parent Trade-Off

Doug is a stay at home father who works while his children are in school. He is married with two small children and his wife is a school teacher here in Florida. He cleans fancy restaurants, tutors and helps students with their college work.

I am a stay at home father with three children. My wife is an accountant, my two small children are in Catholic School and my fifteen year old takes virtual school. I deliver pizza at night while my children are sleeping and I am an in the stands vendor for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays and Orlando Magic. I work home during the day as a blogger and write when I get a chance (not very often).

The Trade-Off-Last night, I worked until two in the morning with Doug cleaning one of his restaurants. We spend an hour and a half waiting for everybody to leave because the owners were wrong about the time. This is part of what he deals with in this sort of business. We spent two hours cleaning the store and the dust under very expensive alcohol.

I received an expensive beer from Germany while I was waiting, fifty-cents I found on the floor and Doug will pick my children up from bowling next week and bring them home. I will be on my way to a vending event in Orlando. Doug received the pay for my two hours of work. This is one of those Parent Trade-Offs friends like us do to help our lives run smoothly. I'm sure there are other stay at home moms and dads out there who do the same things to keep the family running as smoothly as possibly.

Doug is working on his Masters degree and I have no degree yet. I have 118 hours of college and hope to finish in the future. Our wives have their degrees and both of them are from the Philippines.

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