Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dale and Thomas Valentine Chocolate Delight Six Pack Sampler 2/21/12

The Dale and Thomas Popcorn Company sent my daughter and I their Valentines sampler box of popcorns. The Valentines sampler box consisted of six bags of their delicious popcorn. I opened a bag of chocolate popcorn and ate the whole bag in one sitting. I’m sure this is not recommended, but the popcorn was delicious and I am a popcorn lover.

My daughter told me their cinnamon popcorn was the best. She previously reviewed some of Dale and Thomas popcorn and she loved the cinnamon popcorn. I tried the cinnamon popcorn and she was correct, it is delicious. Now I am trying the other four flavors and letting my children taste test them.  They are all delicious, but I agree with my daughter, the cinnamon popcorn is the best.

My kids love this popcorn and would eat every bit of it if I didn't stop them. They love all the flavors that have anything to do with chocolate. Both smaller children think the cinnamon popcorn tasted strange, but my older daughter and I think differently. This sampler has enough flavors to please your entire family.

These are the flavors of popcorn you receive when you check out the Valentines sampler box from Dale and Thomas popcorn Company

Chocolate Delight
- Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn
- Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn
- Cinnamon Creme DrizzleCorn
- Black & White Biscotti
- Double Chocolate DrizzleCorn
- Dark Fudge with Praline Almonds
6-Bag Popcorn Sampler

This is quality popcorn that is delicious. My daughter and I agree that the cinnamon creme drizzle corn is the best tasting, but we love all of the flavors of popcorn the Dale and Thomas Popcorn Company sent us. You can buy this sampler for your loved one here or you can win it through this giveaway.

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