Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Buy The Best When You Buy A New Sink and Faucet

We wanted a new sink for our bathroom. We looked around and we found the one we liked. It is called a vessel sink. The best thing about the sink was we both liked it. My wife loved the sink and I think it is the best sink we ever bought. It looks perfect in our bathroom and it is well made.

We  bought a matching vessel faucet for the sink. It looks and works perfect. We have a friend who is an expert plumber and he installed the sink and faucet for us. It took him a couple of hours to remove the old sink and faucet and install the new one. It looks beautiful in our bathroom. The only problem is we might have to replace the toilet and bathtub to make the bathroom perfect. Such is life.

If you want to replace your sink faucet, you might want to check out vessel sink faucets. Their faucets are high quality faucets and good prices. Once you buy one, you will want to change all of your sinks and faucets in your house. The quality and looks of these sinks and faucets are incredible.

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