Wednesday, February 1, 2012


although a little salty
they sometimes fall with care
a deep and careful beauty
this thing we call a tear

it's like the rain in the springtime
which causes good and bad
they come when we are happy
and flow as we grow sad 

they come from deep inside of us
and slowly soak our face
some people are afraid of them
like they're a big disgrace

the one you love with all your heart
who suddenly is dead
he's buried now, inside a grave
the tears, they come in dread

they flow for days and endless nights
the pain will slowly leave
if you will shine your new found light
not keep it up your sleeve

don't be afraid to shed a few
I know you really care
inside your heart, you're beautiful
the real ones come from there

when teardrops flow, they fall with love
like Jesus on the cross
they came from deep inside His heart
a beauty through His loss

don't cry in shame or selfishness,
but for the one above
the tears will flow from all of us
when we learn how to love.....

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