Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Donsuemor Company Review of Their Delicious Cakes

 The Donsumer Company sent me a box of their delicious cakes in an elegant gift box. The cakes are very delicious. My children love them. My five year old loves the chocolate madeleines, my son loves the dipped madeleines. I loved all of the little delicious cakes.


Gourmet Bakery

Starting with an original French recipe, Don and Susie Morris (Don-Sue-Mor) introduced madeleines to their Berkeley, California "gourmet ghetto" community in 1976. Together, the creative entrepreneur and the passionate baker created a treat unlike any other—a moist little cake with a fresh, unforgettable taste. Donsuemor continues their tradition of baking delicious bakery treats that bring delight to everyday life.
Our Mission
At Donsuemor we bake delicious, wholesome products that bring delight to everyday life.
Indulgence is quality not quantity. We bake so people can discover the satisfying experience of eating a more delicious product. Our goal is to surprise and delight.
This goal requires an exceptional commitment to quality, from sourcing only the finest all-natural ingredients to addressing every aspect of our business with pride and care.
Our Bakery
Our state-of-the-art bakery integrates our artisan principles with customized automation to deliver consistency and quality. Donsuemor complies with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) guidelines. We are audited by NSF's Cook and Thurber achieving levels of excellence. Moreover, we have been rated Superior by the American Institute of Baking (AIB). Today, we make over 15,000 bakery goods an hour in our 32,000 square feet bakery.

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The Donsuemor Company is a generous Company and their cakes really are tasty

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