Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Day At The Park With My Children

My children love to go to the local park so they can have a good time. They love to play for hours at a time. I don't mind because the park is safe and it has that new Rubber Mulch which is much better than the old stuff. The time we spend in the park is fun time together and my children get the exercise they need. My son is a video game lover and it is always good to get him out of the house where he can play.

The new park is usually crowded, but it is nice. They have monkey bars, slides and a bunch of swings. My children like to run around in the mulch and usually want me to run around with them. Good thing I am in good shape for a middle-aged man because they have more energy than one person needs. We played as long as we could, but had to stop because we had a ballgame to go to in the afternoon.

My son loves sports. He loves baseball, football and soccer. I'd rather keep him away from football because I think it is too dangerous. He loves to play the games and he loves to go to the stadiums and watch the games. His sister likes to go and watch the Rays play, but only because her brother is a sports fan. She likes to do most of the things her brother does because she loves him.

Last year, the Rays put down new turf and it looks good. On the way to the ballpark, I noticed they build new condos right next to Tropicana Field. The landscape mulch looked really cool. It reminded me of the recycled rubber mulch at my children's favorite park. The mulch looked just as good next to the condos as it did at the park. The people who built the condos must really care about the environment.

The Rays game was fun and they won. My children got a bobblehead for the giveaway, ate cotton candy, hot dogs and had a really good time. After the game, when we were driving home, my children talked about their favorite park. My daughter asked me if we could go there every day. She also said she wanted to live there, but that's what she says when she is happy. My son said he couldn't wait until we went back so they could play. I thought to myself and smiled. I loved the park too, but I enjoyed the park because of the smiles I saw on both of my children's faces.

The next day, I took them to their favorite park again. They spend another three hours running through the rubber mulch and playing around. Today, they spent most of their time swinging on the swings. They wanted their dad to take turns pushing each one of them. My arms eventually got tired, but it was worth it. My kids had another great time with their father. I think we might want to make this park thing a family tradition.

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