Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Different Kind of Valentines Day

My wife decided to make dental appointments for my children on Valentines Day. My son is seven and he had to have a bunch of dental work done. We are busy and didn't realize how much they had to do. He had one tooth pulled, three crowns, three fillings and two baby root canals. He did well through the whole affair, but it put a damper on his Valentines Day. He could not eat any candy or hard food the entire day.

My daughter is five and she had to have a filling on Valentines Day. She couldn't stop talking about it. She wanted to bite into some Valentines candy and eat her Valentines cookie, but she couldn't. My wife had to get her teeth cleaned. Who would have thought the whole family going to the dentist on Valentines day.

I didn't get much rest the night before, so the day is a blur. My wife got flowers and a bunch of gifts I got for her on Listia. My two girls also got flowers from me because they are my girls. My son got a giant Valentines cookie and candy from his mother which we already discussed he could not eat. I actually received a card and Valentines candy from my wife.

I don't recommend going to the dentist on Valentines Day, but our family survived and our teeth are better for it. I guess the best present my children received was knowing they only have to go back to the dentist this year to get their teeth cleaned......

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