Monday, February 13, 2012

Cedar's All-Natural Products Spinach Dip and Hommus Review

The Cedar's Company sent me three coupons to try out their products. It took me awhile to find their products. I checked one Publix that did not have their products. I checked another Publix that had a few of their products, but not a good variety. I finally found a good variety of Cedar's products at local Sweetbay Supermarket.

They had a good variety of Cedar's products, but we chose our favorites. We had three coupons, so we chose two rich n' creamy spinach dips (because we love spinach dip) and one All Natural Hommus Artichoke Spinach. The spinach dip is delicious and we went through one container the first day. The Cedar's Rich n' Creamy Spinach Dip is made Greek Strained Yogurt. I am not a fan of Greek yogurt, but it tasted delicious is this spinach dip. The dip has plenty of flavor, but not too much and does not have an after-taste.

I am not a Hommus fan, but we had to try the product anyway. The Cedar's All Natural Hommus Artichoke Spinach dip has a good taste. I can actually eat Hommus and enjoy it for once. The Cedar's company won an award for their homus for superior taste. It is still not my favorite dip, but I actually liked the hommus. I applaud the Cedar's company for making a Hommus somebody like me can eat. Their products are all-natural and gluten free. They have more products on their website, but not all were available in our local stores.

Check out the Cedar's Company on Facebook and Become a Cedar's Fan on Face book: They are a company who make all-natural products and they actually care about the taste. I know you can buy some of their products at Publix and more of their products at Sweetbay.

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