Friday, October 24, 2014

Keeping Your Home Free from Bed Bugs

No one likes to think about bed bugs entering your home. However, unless you consider the reality that bed bugs can indeed travel to your home from another location, you won’t know how to prevent them. To keep your family safe from these nasty bugs it’s important to stop the bed bugs from even entering your home by following relevant tips. For example, but if you feel you have bed bugs from your travels, unpacking your entire suitcase before you enter your home is essential. There are other ways you can be prepared as well. Do research on local pest control services in your area if you are concerned about bringing bed bugs home with you.

Thoroughly Check Your Hotel Room

If you stay at a hotel where you fear bed bugs are, do a basic inspection of your room. The first thing you should inspect is your hotel mattress. Look at the mattress, box spring, and even the headboard. Pull back the bed sheets and look along the corners of the mattress. Brown spots will show up if they’ve been around and the bugs themselves will appear too. After you go to bed if you end up waking up with bug bites you’ll know there are bed bugs. Be sure to tell the hotel management right away.

Unpack Your Suitcase Before Entering Your Home

If you have a feeling your hotel had bed bugs or you experienced bed bugs while you were traveling unpack your suitcase outside your home. Unpacking in a fire escape or garage will work. First pull out your clothing and put them in the washer on a hot wash or even a dry cycle will do. You can disinfect your suitcase by purchasing no-pest strips that you put inside the garbage bag with your suitcase. Keep your empty suitcase and the strips in the garbage for up to three weeks to fully get rid of the bugs.

Seeking Professional Help

If the bugs are sneaky and still make it inside your home you may need to call the exterminators. Don’t try to take matters into your hands because both your health and everyone else in your household can be at risk. Call your local pest control and they can use techniques that will your home free of bed bugs.

Other Methods of Keeping Bed Bugs Away

You can also prevent bed bugs by not allowing furniture and mattresses into your home that you find on the street. You need to know who the owner is or at least trust the consignment shop where you purchase your furniture before you place it in your home.

In regards to keeping bed bugs away in your home, seal holes and other openings with caulk. This will reduce bed bugs from spreading in your home if you already have them. Also don’t forget that if the bed bugs come in contact with your clothing wash it immediately on high heat. Keep all of these tips in mind and you should be bed bug free now and going forward! 

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