Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer

If you have been accused of a felony or are convicted for criminal charges, you need to find an able and experienced criminal lawyer to help you prepare your defense and resolve the charges. Being accused of such crimes is a serious matter, with repercussions that can follow you throughout your life, affecting your personal, professional, and social life for years. It’s important, then, to have an attorney who is familiar with the charges you face and other aspects of your case. Read on for more tips for selecting the right attorney for you.

Look at the Attorney’s Specialty Areas

You need an attorney who is a criminal defense lawyer with expertise in your particular area of charges, whether that be rape, theft, violent crimes, and others. Most attorneys advertise information on their websites, and you can do research to see which ones advertise specialties in your area of concern. Check out their track record and what kind of resolutions they achieve in their cases. Find out whether your lawyer belongs to any national associations that can indicate skills and dedication to his job. Having an attorney experienced with your type of charges can also improve the likelihood that they are familiar with the prosecutors and judges, as well as the kinds of concessions and options you may have available to you. And of course, arrange a consultation so you can get a feel for the attorney yourself and then you can judge whether you feel comfortable leaving your case in their hands.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Once you decide to set up a consultation, you should come prepared in order for your potential attorney to be able to accurately judge whether they are willing and able to take on your case. Check ahead of time to see if there is a questionnaire they want you to fill out beforehand and bring with you to the meeting. You will also be expected to bring all related court documents, bail papers, police paperwork, and police reports. Of course, coming with your own list of witnesses and potential defendants will speed things along as well. Together, you can assess whether he or she will be the best criminal lawyer for you.

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