Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

In today's economy, thirty pieces of silver could bring a pretty penny if you have the correct pieces. Did you ever wonder what you would do if you were around during the time of Jesus. The Pharisees and Sadducees are angry at Jesus because he brings his new Gospel into town. Now everybody has the chance to be one of God's people. The old law is dead and Jesus brings a new Gospel into town.
It is time to get rid of Jesus because he is ruining the way of life, people do not like change, this is blasphemy. There must be a way to get rid of Jesus, let's crucify him. There is a weakness in Jesus' entourage, disciples number twelve doesn't really believe Jesus is the way, he is just going through the motions waiting for a chance to become the biggest traitor the world has ever known. This is what thirty pieces of silver were worth to Judas.
I gave you the kiss
I am the nails in your wrist
All for thirty coins
Today, we live in another time and another place. What if Jesus came to the United States of America. Did you ever wonder what you would do if the religious leaders in our world were up in arms about Jesus, they are. Terrorists hate Jesus and all Christian people. Our government has taken prayer out of our schools, wants In God We Trust off our money and is trying to make their own New Way to heaven. Christians are being persecuted throughout the world because of their beliefs. Amazingly, Muslims are persecuting Christians in Israel at this very moment.
Today is the day to decide, are we one of the eleven who love Jesus and want to follow Him or is Jesus only worth thirty pieces of silver to you? Do you agree with the world, is it time to get rid of Jesus? Is it time to put all of the religions together and come up with our own world religion? Talk to some of the teenagers in your neighborhood and listen to what they believe. All religions are the same because they believe in God in one way or another. Or, I believe in science because I can see it.
Jesus came down to the earth in human form to bring us the Gospel. He died on the cross for all of our sins, defeated death, rose from the grave and is seated beside God in Heaven. Our world/country has decided they are more intelligent than God. If Jesus appeared in The United States of America today, I believe another Judas would accept thirty more pieces of silver and we would crucify Him all over again. Good thing for us, when Jesus comes back for us, he will be victorious and all of the followers of Jesus will spend eternity with our King in Heaven. What would you do for thirty silver coins?

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