Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Those Dog Days Of Summer

We all make our plans for the summer. Vacations and other fun things are on our minds. This summer started off on the wrong foot. My son brought home a bad sickness the last week of school. He had to go to the doctor, who said he had a sinus infection. He had an infection, but it was not just a sinus infection. The virus spread through the entire family and made us all sick. We are now all on antibiotics for a month for bronchitis. Whatever this virus is, it is dangerous and causes bronchitis.

At the same time, my body decided it was time to pass a small kidney stone. That was a ton of fun. The urologist is going to do a CT Scan to see if there are any more kidney stones lurking and ready to bite. I had a kidney stone operation in the past and it was not fun. To make matters more fun, I bit into food a week ago and bit my tooth completely in half. I am wearing a temp crown which will become a crown next week.

My brother will be visiting in two weeks to enjoy part of our dog days of summer. I hope he does not get sick or have to deal with any of the fun that has become our summer. My little girl and I have been dealing with sharp pains in our ribs from the bronchitis. It even hurts to laugh.

Makes you wonder what my kids will write about on the first week of school. How will they answer the question about how was your summer? I think my children will just be happy to get over this sickness and on with playing and having fun. The dog days of summer just did not greet us well this year.

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