Thursday, July 25, 2013

Those Great Faith Images You Have Been Looking For

I don't know about you, but I have always had a problem finding the perfect image to accompany my posts, especially posts that deal heavily with matters of faith.  Yes, iStock, DepositPhotos, etc. have some faith based images but your choices are limited and not always appropriate.  This is whereLightStock comes in. 
Lightstock makes it simple to find beautiful, non-staged faith-focused images for you to use on your blog.  Lightstock only uses images that meet the following requirements: 
  1. Shot by a follower of Christ
  2. Visibly faith oriented
  3. Invisibly highlights God's glory, goodness and mission for His creation 
Awesome, right?!    
One of the features I like most about LightStock is their collections.  A collection is a set of images that all convey the same message.  So if I wanted to see all images about Sunday school, I can check the "Children's Church" collection and see all images that fit that topic.  Makes it super easy to quickly browse images on a specific topic. 
Here are some other highlights:
You know how hard it is to find real-world images of small groups or communion. It's even tougher to find non-cliché nativity or resurrection photography. Lightstock eases your pain and gets you images without the stereotypes. 
Temptation-Free Searching
Tired of seeing sexually suggestive images on stock sites? Me too. LightStock guarantees a safe-searching platform free of temptation.  
Download = New Testament
With each photo downloaded, LightStock donates a New Testament to share the gospel. They are more than a website, they are a ministry helping to spread the good news of Jesus.
The people at LightStock have agreed to giveaway 3 faith focused images to one of our readers!  So be looking for that giveaway in the coming days.
In the meantime, go visit LightStock and pick out that image you need for your next blog post!
Courtney from Faithful Bloggers

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