Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blast from the Past...Kazoos! Homemade Kazoo

Your child can make their own kazoo with only a rubber band, waxed paper, and an old toilet paper roll. Give your child some crayons too so they can decorate it. Before you let your child draw on the toilet paper roll, use scissors to cut out a small hole toward the middle of the roll. The hole doesn’t have to be perfect, just cut out an opening. Next, let your child color it to their liking. When finished, cut out a small square of waxed paper so it is big enough to cover one end of the roll and flap over the edge just enough so you can secure it with a rubber band. Be sure to secure it tight enough so the rubber band doesn’t slide off easily. The next part is the fun part. Try to teach your child how to use it. Do YOU remember? Try to hum while blowing air out and into the kazoo. It will take a couple of tries until it works, but once your child hears what it should sound like, let them try. Even if they don’t do it correctly, they will still have fun humming and parading about with their new kazoo!

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