Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slow Down, Little Ones

The other day, my son Kyle said he would be twenty in eleven years. I told him what I always tell him when he rushes life. Slow down Kyle and enjoy every minute of your life. My kids are always looking ahead to the future. I am 49 years old and I don't want to rush things. Life is precious and we need to learn to enjoy every moment.

Kyle is nine and he is a video game freak. He is a good boy who loves to smile and play. He has one of those personalities you always want your kids to have. He is sweet and fun to be around. He loves everybody and does not want to hurt another person in any way. I want him to enjoy being nine years old and have as much fun as he can. As you get older, you get more responsibility and you don't always enjoy life as much as you should.

Khloe is a sweetheart. She is seven and has been a princess since she was two. She loves pink and everything girlish. She loves to hug her dad and always tells us she loves us. Khloe is a sweetheart. I love to be around her. She has a little stuffed animal called blossom and she is always making dresses for her. She brings her everywhere she goes. Khloe is talking about her next birthday in June. I keep saying slow down, little ones and enjoy today. As a father, I am enjoying everyday and every moment with my children. They are a ton of fun and a gift from God.

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