Monday, July 15, 2013

Tired Of Online Advertisement SPAM

I know companies want to connect with people. They try to hook up with us in all kinds of ways. Now, we are getting bombarded with online advertisement. Every time I open my email, there are advertisements from companies. I know these companies are trying to connect to me because they are companies that I have just talked about on my blog. Sadly, we cannot even get away from this advertisement when we are talking to our families on Facebook. Each time you go on Facebook, somebody is trying to get your attention.

I am the type of guy who does not like salesmen bothering me. This means at the car lot, in stores and yes even online. If I want something, I buy it. I am not that guy that will buy things I do not want or need. Online advertisement is a disaster unless you are interested in it.

I want to let Amazon know, I love buying things from you, but your advertisement is completely wasted on me. I will not buy something because you send me emails every week. And blocking all of these companies becomes a chore. I would just rather click them all and get rid of them in one giant click. If I want something, I will let you know in my own time. I do not need to enhance any part of my body, I am too old to even worry about it. I am not single or searching for somebody to date. I have car insurance and I am not searching for new car insurance.

I have not been paid by any company to write this article, this is my own opinion and I wanted to share it to the world. What will come into my email tomorrow? Please send me something that is not junk.

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