Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recess Music Helps Kids Deliver a "Gratitude Attitude"

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Recess Music has a “Best Foot Forward” series of music CD’s that entertain, educate, and encourage while sending positive messages to children through their music. Recess Music has gained praise sparked by their 2012 Parents Choice Gold Award album, “Someone Else’s Shoes” which contains 15 tracks of contrasting styles that offer life lessons in friendship, empathy, and understanding differences.  Check out other titles in this series: “Share!”, “Someone Else’s Shoes”, “Big Bully”, and “U R Some 1″.
I was sent the newest CD in the critically acclaimed Best Foot Forward Series called “Gratitude Attitude.” This particular CD focusses on the aspect of generosity, gratitude, and attitude.  The songs encourage gratefulness and saying thanks along with respect.  Encouraging children to be more giving and selfless is a great focus to have and this CD promotes that.
“Gratitude Attitude” tracks include:
1: I’m Glad You’re Here by Debbie and Friends
2: Gratitude by Red Grammar
3: In My Families House by Bonnie Lockhart
4: There’s A Pea On My Plate by Billy Harley
5: Love You A Million by Mary Kaye
6: Thank You Letters by The Uncle Brothers
7: Only Take What You Need by Earth Mama
8: The Table Manners Polka by Mike Soloway
9: Grateful by Dave Nachmanoff
10: Every Little Bit Of You by Susan Salidor
11: Thank You World by Eddie Douglas
12: Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom) by Kathy Kallick
13: Circle Of Friends by The Sunflowers
14: Thank You by Cathy Fink
15: Best Foot Forward by Nick Cope
“Gratitude Attitude” is a CD that is geared for ages 4 to 11 but I’d suggest starting at the age of 1.  You can never start teaching good manners and having a good attitude too early.  Running time for the 15 tracks is 46 minutes.  Our children are seven and nine, they like fast music. Gratitude Attitude is more calming music, but the kids still like it. I like music that teaches our children good things. Especially what our world is becoming.
“Gratitude Attitude” will be released August 28, 2013 but you can pre-order now
The 2013 installment of Recess Music's "Best Foot Forward" series is a set of CDs that, together, define in music the precepts of generosity and gratitude.  Recess Music's founder/producer Nancy Doan explains, "The two Best Foot Forward albums for 2013 are, in a sense, 'bookends' to the concepts of giving and receiving.  SHARE! centers on the actions of sharing and generosity:  'What can I give to others?'  Gratitude Attitudeexpresses the flip side of sharing:  feeling grateful for the basic things of life like a beautiful, sunny day or a warm blanket to cuddle under at night, being gracious at the dinner table with good manners, or skipping technology occasionally and sending a thank you note to Grandma by 'snail mail.'  Gratitude is an attitude."

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