Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dumpsters for Days of Heavy Trash Production

Trash is all around. Every place where people live, there is waste to be collected and disposed of. Every day, tons of trash is created. Some days your contribution is very little. Other days your waste production is quite hefty. For those heftier occasions, don’t try to desperately cram all of your trash into one garbage can, hoping it will all fit. Instead, contact a company which rents out roll off dumpsters in Louisville.

Fight the Tide of Waste

There are times and situations where your regular-sized trashcans simply won’t cut it. For every event you must take into consideration how many people are going to be there and how much waste each person is going to create. According to studies, the average amount of trash that each person creates each day is between four and five pounds. That equates roughly to an ounce of trash per hour. Therefore, having a barbecue for your entire company which goes on for the better part of an afternoon is going to create a whole lot of trash. Moreover, it’s not the kind of trash you want in your office. Greasy paper plates, wadded up napkins, and half-eaten hot dogs will create a stink in your workspace that is both unprofessional and distracting. And letting that waste overflow your trashcans over the course of a weekend while you wait for the next trash day is only going to worsen the stench. Renting a dumpster from a waste management service is a great idea for any big event that you might be hosting. The trash from your party can go into one central location and be picked up by trash disposal technicians at your convenience.

Home Renovations

One of the biggest problems with either renovating or moving out of your home is having to figure out how to dispose of your trash. When you renovate, you end up with big chunks of dry wall, huge rolls of old carpet and lengths of rusty pipe – all things that can’t possibly fit into your weekly trash collection pile. The same goes for moving. Rare is the individual who moves into a new home without throwing away some old junk that is no longer needed. Unfortunately, your regular trash collection might not be able to take that old couch or any trash at all which cannot fit into your officially allotted waste disposal units. Fortunately, roll off dumpsters in Louisville are easy to rent and quite affordable as well. 

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