Monday, July 1, 2013

Breakfast, The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Okay, so you decided to search for a home for sale. You wanted to buy a summer home and you heard there were some really good deals out there. You woke up late and left your house without eating breakfast. The ride was an hour and a half and you could not stop thinking about eating. Sometimes I am driving and searching through my car for something to eat. I often dream about food on a trip like this. The best thing to do is stop and get a quick bite to eat.

If you did not stop for food, your stomach is growling while you talk to the real estate. She is looking at you like something is wrong with you. You are wishing you were somewhere else eating your favorite food. I usually think about a nice T-Bone steak at one of these moments. This could ruin your day trip to your possible new home deal. It is hard to think about a purchase when your stomach is driving you crazy. Maybe this is why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I hope you stopped for that quick bite. If you did, you may have purchased the deal of a lifetime. If not, you are driving away from your appointment, trying to find the nearest restaurant. The real estate agent is wondering what is wrong with you and why you wasted her time. Next time make sure you satisfy your hunger pains before you leave your house. Don't ruin your day.

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