Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's For Breakfast-Captain Crunch Cereal

I am 49, but I am still a child at heart. When I eat breakfast, I find myself grabbing for a box of Captain Crunch. You're probably wondering why a guy would eat Captain Crunch. Try it and see. The cereal tastes great and it is not too awful bad for you. I am in good health and I have a good heart. I think my breakfast habits may be better than most. It is better eating Captain Crunch than buttered toast and coffee.

I never used to eat breakfast, it was the forgotten meal. Now, I am hungry just as soon as I wake up. It is funny how things change when you get older. Some things still stay the same. As a kid, I always thought about food. It is the same for me as an adult. I drive a lot and whenever I am driving, I think of food. I think about eating all of the time. This may be why I like food so much. A good steak is as much fun to me as earning a couple hundred dollars at a vending event. Thus, Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast.....

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