Sunday, October 27, 2013

Choose The Right Steak When You Eat Out

We went to Outback Steakhouse tonight and my wife learned a lesson. She opted for their cheapest steak because it was cheaper. I ordered the filet and lobster tail grilled. My wife's steak was a sirloin and it was chewy. It tasted good, but you could really tell it was a cheaper steak. We paid about 16 bucks for the 13 ounce steak, my filet and lobster tail were 24 bucks. My dinner was really worth the extra eight bucks. I shared the lobster tail and steak with my wife and she gave me some of her steak.

Remember when you eat out to choose the right steak. If you are going to a restaurant, you are willing to spend some cash on your dinner. I believe I made the right choice and my wife agrees she made a bad decision. Next time she will opt for the Ribeye or the Porterhouse steaks.

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