Friday, October 18, 2013

Government Shutdown

You shut the government down 
Obamacare was in your sights 
The President stood in the office 
refusing to budge like a spoiled little child 

The Democrats held their ground 
shutting down government controlled places 
To ruin vacations and field trips 
Blaming the House for everything they did 

Republicans fought against each other 
Liberals and Conservatives 
Went to war 
Within their own party 

Politicians tried to prove to The People 
The world was ending 
so They could find a way 
To spend more of our hard earned money 

The results were 
More government control 
Less hours of work 
For many American people 
Who are already suffering 

The Democrats claim victory 
While blaming the Republicans 
For everything 
Neither party cares enough about America 
Because they will do the whole thing all over again for Political gain....... 

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