Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introduction To The Theo Series

Go Behind the Scenes of the Theo Series

Bonus features give us a peek into the lives of actors and directors, as well as into the production itself.  Over the next several blogs I am going to write about the three production phases that go into the making of Theo––Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Michael Joens
Theo Creator

One more thing!

In light of All Hallows Eve, or "Reformation Day" as I like to call it, we're taking $2 off "Light Unto My Path" Digital Download. That means only $2.99 for the High Def version and $0.99 for the Standard Def version. Unbelievable, I know! In this episode Theo reminds us that the Word of God will always be a light in a dark world.

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