Thursday, July 4, 2013

White Collar Crime Does Not Pay

The idiom says that crime does not pay. However, there is a certain breed of crimes designed solely for the purposes of financial gain. These are known as white collar crimes and in this country, they are handled very seriously. While they may net you monetary gain in the short term, white collar crimes can destroy your life. Being prosecuted for such a crime can not only mean imprisonment and insolvency for you, but also the ruin of your reputation as a businessman. That’s why if you are being charged with such a crime, you need to hire an experienced white collar crime attorney in Grand Rapids.

White Collar Crime

The phrase “white collar crime” was first coined by the sociologist Edwin Sutherland in 1939. He originally meant for the term to encompass crimes committed by people of the wealthier or more respectable social classes, particularly those crimes committed in the course of such a person’s occupation. Today, the definition of white collar crime has evolved ever so slightly. The emphasis on perpetrators of high breeding from “good” families has eventually gone away. However, white collar crime is still defined as criminal dishonesty as it occurs in the world of business and finance. These sorts of crimes may include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, counterfeiting, or extortion. However, it is a common misconception that white collar crimes are all financially motivated. For example, if a chemical manufacturer illegally dumps waste in an unauthorized area, it may be considered a white collar crime. While the act of dumping the waste is not directly meant for monetary gain per se, it is still a business-related act of malfeasance.

What You’re Facing

Depending on the severity, a white collar crime may warrant a number of different punishments if you are found guilty in a court of law. Someone who has committed fraud or embezzlement might be required to perform community service or pay a fine. In extreme cases, a white collar crime can land you a stint in jail. While serving time for a white collar crime may be comparably easy than going to a maximum-security facility with violent offenders, you do not want to be incarcerated. In fact, you don’t even want to be convicted. That’s why you need to hire a white collar crime attorney in Grand Rapids if you are being accused of committing a white collar crime. These types of attorneys are specifically trained to deal with crimes of this nature and the complicated legal matters that sometimes accompany them. If you hire such an attorney, you’ll be in good hands on your day in court. 

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