Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review Of Auromere Hand Lotion

A week ago I received an 8 ounce bottle of auromere hand lotion by Ayurvedic Products.I chose this lotion as my wife has very dry skin and needs a lots of lotion.Well after one application we noticed a remarkable difference in her hands,feet and arms.Well she has now given he bottle of another major brand name of lotion to Susie our granddaughter,however that is not to put down any other company but the auromere is better than them hands down,no pun intended. Ayurvedics products are made using natural Sesame oil Almond and Caster oil which has been shown historically to be some of the most beneficial to healthy skin. Auromere is also a company that works closely with their suppliers in India and has given back to the communities they do business with,such as schooling,employment and other ways. I highly recommend this for anyone. Not only will your skin thank you,you may find that you are holding hands more often which is important as well. Auromere Ayurvedic Imports 2621 West Highway 12 Lodi, CA 95242 United States

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