Thursday, July 4, 2013

How Roof Certifications Can Help Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be difficult, especially when the market is flooded with sellers. You may think that the house you’re selling is in great condition and at a fair price, but the difficulty lies in conveying that quality to potential buyers. Buyers are always wary of getting “burned.” A house is usually the most valuable thing you own, so the last thing a buyer wants is to pay a lot of money just to inherit a house with a leaky or worn-down roof that requires expensive repairs. Fortunately, you can hire a Denver roof contractor to certify your roof.

Disclose Condition

The purpose of roof certifications is to disclose the condition of the roof. The seller of the home’s word just isn’t enough, both because they may be motivated to be dishonest about it, or because they simply aren’t qualified to make a statement of quality. A contractor is a neutral third party that inspects the roof up close, checking for any possible movement, flashing, or drainage problems, as well as overall quality of materials.


If the roof is in need of repairs, contractors won’t give their stamp of approval until those repairs are performed. These repairs may be costly to the seller, but a repaired or new roof will add value to the home, as well as make it easier to sell.

Life Expectancy

The final part of a roof certification is the estimated remaining life expectancy. Different roofing materials have longer life expectancies than others, with some lasting 50 years or more, but every roof must eventually be replaced. Somebody on the market for a home doesn’t want to purchase one with a roof that is expected to last only a couple of years, so having a somewhat accurate estimate will help alleviate that fear.

Peace of Mind

When you call a Denver roof contractor to certify your roof, you’re not just getting a certification, you’re giving buyers peace of mind. Buying any home is going to be stressful with all the money and paperwork involved, so anything you can do to alleviate that stress will help you find interested buyers.

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