Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blissful Biscuits Review

 I received a shipment of biscuits for me -I mean my dogs to taste and let me know if  they liked them or not.
As you can see the jury is in and it was unanimous even our cat Buddy wanted one.
 Blissful Biscuits are all natural,vegetarian or wheat based treats that are good for your dog ,and if you have one then you know the unconditional love they provide so return it with healthy snacks.
  My girl Cleo in picture # 2(who is a rescued dog we saved about five years ago) has allergies to certain foods so upon further research I can give her them without worrying.
  The company has fast and affordable shipping and ships nationwide and larger size containers which I would need with all my dog mouths to feed.The P B Smackers are what we tried and even though I didn't taste them they really smelled like PB&J sandwiches I eat whenever I can. Charly's Extremely Low Fat PB Stand Up Bag

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