Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Visit To Chili's In Valrico, FL

My family and I love to eat out at local restaurants. We decided on Chili's yesterday and we were hungry. We arrived at Chili's at about 5 PM. We were seated and Marcus was our waiter. Things went south from here. Marcus got us our drinks and our chips and salsa. Suddenly, Chili's became busy and Marcus was nowhere to be seen. He showed up in about ten minutes with our hot pretzels and cheese sauce. The pretzels were good, the cheese sauce was okay. He asked if we would like some more chips and salsa, we replied yes, but we never received any more.

After about fifteen minutes, a girl showed up with our food. I ordered a spicy chicken salad, my wife ordered a burger with bacon and onion strings and my two children ordered cheeseburgers and french fries. The problem was the girl brought my children personal pizzas. I told her the mistake and she left to find the cheeseburgers.

The manager showed up and asked how we were doing. We told her the situation and she apologized. She said Marcus was left by himself because the waitresses showed up late. She decided to wait on our table herself. She refilled our drinks, brought us napkins and made sure our food was right. She also told us she would take the chips and salsa off our bill.

We ate our dinner and the manager showed up. She asked us if we would like desert on her. She recommended the large cookie with ice-cream on top. We said that would be nice. In five minutes a girl brought out a hot chocolate chip cookie with a big scoop of ice-cream on top. The cookie was delicious and my children were happy.

Our bill was $30.56 because the pretzels were free too with a coupon. The manager took about $14 dollars off our bill. I tipped Marcus $4.44 because the manager of Valrico Chili's was the nicest manager I have ever met. I never would have tipped Marcus if it wasn't for the manager. The manager (I forgot her name) wished us a great night and left to help somebody else out. We really enjoyed our night out at Valrico Chili's. If you are around the neighborhood, check out this restaurant. You can be sure if your waiter/waitress is not doing the job, the manager will step in and save the day.

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