Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In America‏

The road can be a scary place. Some are just a whole lot scarier than others. Check out just a few of the most treacherous roads in the nation. 
1. Trouble around every corner - Hold tight on U.S. Route 550 in Colorado, a mountainous two-lane highway full of hairpin turns, steep cliffs, avalanches and few guardrails. 

2. Moose, ice and rubberneckers - On U.S. Route 1 in Maine, miles of moose combined with brutal winters and distracted sightseers in the spring lead to bad things all year. 

3. Need for speed - I-15 in Nevada is 125 miles of nothing but straight road. The only problem is that it attracts quite a few speed demons, who frequently lose control. 

4. Bridge over troubled waters - It's Highway 1 in Florida, where a two-lane bridge to Key West crosses 95 miles of water with blinding sunlight. 

5. Cold with congestion - The Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta is a mix of multi-leveled highways and roads, causing traffic congestion all day—and super icy conditions in winter.

6. Don't look down - On State Road 138 in California, the highway plunges 50 feet from the shoulder with no guardrails.

7. Ready to erupt - Saddle Road in Hawaii has two narrow lanes that wind through volcanoes. To make matters worse, the bridges are one-way, so drivers have to take turns crossing.

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