Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When You Are Caught Speeding in California

We took a trip to California to visit our friends and go to their wedding. My wife knows her friend from Cebu and I met her husband when they lived in Indiana. He moved to California for various reasons. His new wife was from the Philippines and there are plenty of Filipino things in California. His family lives in Burbank and he was offered an excellent job near Los Angeles. He knew his new wife would be happier in California, so he decided to move there. He met her at the airport and they prepared for their wedding together. Technically, they were already married in the Philippines, but they wanted a Catholic wedding in the United States for his family. We made plans to fly from Florida to LA and prepared for our trip. Once we made it to California,we would stay at our friend's new home. We were bring two small children and we knew this trip was going to be interesting. It turned out to be even more interesting that we expected.

The trip on the plane was uneventful. My daughter cried a little, but she felt better after I held her in my arms. My son loved to look at the clouds out of the window of the plane. Our friends had a friend meet us at the airport. They would have picked us up themselves, but they were busy with big wedding preparations. The guy was nice, he even helped us with our bags. When he got on the streets of California, he changed a bit. He yelled at other drivers and drove at a high rate of speed. Eventually the police saw us, he was stopped and was ticketed for Speeding in California. We did make it safe to our friend's house and they were apologetic. Their friend was known for rushing through traffic, but he was the only one available. The wedding was beautiful and our vacation was fun. Our children loved the food and the wedding cake. My daughter even danced at the wedding. The only speed bump was that trip we had from the airport to our friend's house. Good thing they changed drivers on the way back to the airport.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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