Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Stump Grinder Will Make Your Job Easier

I had four acres of land in Indiana. There were thorn trees everywhere. I do not know the name of the trees. I just know that they had thorns protruding from every branch. I chopped down some of the trees with an ax. I did it this way for exercise, but it got old fast. I had to buy a chain saw to cut down the rest of the trees.  It took me months to cut down all the thorn trees myself. I bet I cut down hundreds of trees and I was pokes by dozens of thorns. The thing about the thorns is they poke into your skin and break off. You get a piece stuck in your body that really hurts. The thorns poked through gloves and protective clothing. Finally, I was finished cutting down all the trees and burning the wood. I had about a hundred stumps still in my yard, it was a mess. I needed a stump grinder to take care of the rest of the work. I found good stump grinders to finish the rest of the work. After months of hard work, my yard was finally beginning to look like a real yard. I planted grass and decided to put in a few apple trees. In a few more months, my yard was really beginning to look good.

I moved from that home in Indiana to Florida. Sometimes, I still miss that place. It had a view of a small mountain and deer would always come right up to my doors. I don't miss the wind blowing up the hills. I don't miss the tornadoes or the cold winter nights, but part of me still misses the log home I owned in Indiana. I believe part of it was all of the hard work I did to make that place look nice. It was hard taking care of four acres by myself, but I had something to be proud of when I was done. Cutting down trees and breaking up stumps is hard work. Buying the right equipment to get the job done, makes the job a whole lot easier. I remember trying to chop up the stumps with an ax before I bought the stump grinder. I managed to break out one small stump with the ax, but it took me an entire afternoon to accomplish this job. If you find yourself with a ton of tree work, make sure you buy the right equipment to make your job easier. One other thing I don't miss about Indiana is those thorns cutting through my skin.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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