Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buy A Good Razor For A Smooth Shave

I am old fashioned, I like a classic shave with no frills. I have always done my shaving by myself. My dad went to the barber, but that straight razor was too much for me. I have a good razor that I always use, it gives me a smooth shave every time. I remember when I began shaving, I was only sixteen. I saw my father shave and I wanted to try it out. I got his shaving cream and wiped it all over my face. I took his razor and shaved my face. After I was done, my face hurt from all of the cuts I managed to get on my face. My father used a disposable razor and it was dull. It cut me up pretty good. I made the matter worse by throwing aftershave on my face. I have to admit, I almost cried from that horrible experience. I thought shaving was the worst thing ever. This was until I bought my own razor when I joined the Army. I bought a good old fashioned razor that gave me a smooth shave every time. I had no trouble shaving and I hardly ever got a cut on my face. I still winch when I remember that first shave I gave myself at sixteen.

Now I am a middle-aged man who likes a good shave. I bought one of the best razors and I never worry about cutting up my face. Modern razors have technology behind them. They shave through my beard easily without leaving a mark. I can shave my face in under two minutes without worrying about a defective blade hurting me. I may be old fashioned, but I also like to get that perfect shave. After I shave my face, I feel much cleaner and ready to go out into the world. I remember the old razors. You had no idea what you were in for. You could buy a new razor and cut up your face with that first touch of blade to face. Men and woman know that a good blade doesn't cut their skin, it protects their skin from getting cut. A good blade cuts the stubble and leaves the skin in tact. I still remember that first shave, it was a horrible shave. I winch when I remember throwing aftershave on my raw cut up face. I am so glad I never have to worrying about that happening to me ever again. Make sure you buy a good razor and you will get the best shave of your life.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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