Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Avoid The Pain Of Credit Card Chargebacks

I went to the gas station to fill my tank. I cringed when I saw the price. I remember when gas was ninety-nine cents a gallon, it seem just like it was yesterday. I use my credit card to fill my car, it takes nearly forty dollars for a ten gallons. Why do we have to pay so much for gasoline? I drive home and go on with my every day life. A couple of weeks later, my credit card bill comes in the mail. I was charged twice for the fill up. Not only is gasoline expensive, the gas station double charged me for my gas. I called the credit card company and told them about the situation. They told me there was going to be a credit card chargeback to my account.

Before that day, I had no idea what a credit card chargeback was. It is amazing how you can get charged twice for something without even knowing it. That is why it is important to check your credit card statements every month when you receive them. I don't believe any company is really trying to rip us off in this way, but mistakes do and will happen. These chargebacks can go both ways. There are people out there who want to rip off companies and they lie about their credit card bills. This can take a lot of time to deal with for the business owner. That is why there are companies that will help you with this type of fraud.

I work for a pizza company and our customers are always trying to rip us off. They say their food is wrong when it is not. They tell us we have overcharged them when we do not. Some of them even try to commit credit card fraud. They use their own credit card, they buy food and then they tell the credit card company that they did not order the food. There are ways to prove the customer is lying, but it takes time. Lucky for all of us, there are companies that have your back. They are experts when it comes to chargebacks. They teach you that prevention is the best way to avoid fraud. They will also save you a ton of time when somebody does commit fraud against your company in the form of credit card chargebacks.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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