Thursday, March 21, 2013

Choose The Right Ring For The Lady You Love

My wife came here from the Philippines almost twelve years ago. I spend all the money I had to get here her and I did not have money left for an expensive engagement ring. We were married a few days later and began our lives together. About five years later, I was ready to buy my wife a much better engagement ring. The first ring cost me about a hundred bucks. It was nice, but it was very tiny. We decided to go to a jewelry store and check out a ring. We live in Florida, so jewelry stores fort lauderdale is a great place to start. My wife looked over the jewelry and found a ring she really likes. In fact, she loved it. The ring cost me  quite a bit of money, but I was able to pay it off in six monthly payments. Finally, my wife had the ring she always wanted and this made her very happy.

We have now been married for over eleven years. Like everybody else, we have had our ups and downs. This is how life is in a marriage. We are lucky to have two beautiful healthy children together. Life is busy, full of stress and fun at the same time. We don't always get as much time together as we would like, but such is life. You have to sacrifice in many ways to make your family happy. I still remember the day my wife stepped off the airplane, she was beautiful. I was embarrassed about the tiny ring I gave to her, but she accepted it with a smile. That is why I went to a good jewelry store when I was ready to buy her a real ring. She loves the ring, but after all these years, I believe she still loves me more.

If you love a woman, you should make sure you get her the right ring. This ring can be tiny or huge, but it must come from your heart. If you have the money, buy your woman the best ring you can find. Good jewelry stores sell the best jewelry. There are tons of jewelry stores that sell sub par jewelry, this is why you should stay away from those places. It is going to be really embarrassing if the ring you give to your lady begins to fall apart. Make sure you pick the right ring, at the right jewelry store for the lady you love.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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