Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Donate Your Car To A Vet In Need

American men have been fighting to keep our country free for over two hundred years. It began with George Washington, the father of our country. Many of these men have given their lives to protect those they love. Some of these heroes actually survive and have to find their way back into some kind of life. Often these vets need a little help to get back into society and there are places that are willing to help them. These men have given so much to protect you and your family from harm. Now is the time you can give back to a vet. There are programs that are called cars for vets that actually help heroes get the transportation they need.

I have a nephew who graduated from West Point. He became a General's aide in Afghanistan and won a bronze star. He is only twenty-seven years old and he finds himself forced into retirement. My nephew has fibromyalgia and a huge tumor on his brain. He often has trouble walking because of the tumor. He has been looking for a doctor willing to operate on his brain, but there have been no takers. Doctor's believe the tumor is in a place that is very dangerous, thank God it is not cancerous. My nephew made it to the rank of Captain and he will get most of his benefits. He will be retired at 90 percent, but he still needs to find a job.

My nephew's wife just had a baby last summer and my nephew has been looking for a job. He has been looking for a job for almost a year now. I believe his physical problems has made his job search much tougher than it had to be. This is true with many vets. Many of them come home missing limbs, dealing with mental and physical problems. They still need jobs to support their families. My nephew is lucky because he still gets most of his retirement benefits. This is not true with most vets. They are heroes that have to start over and they can use your help. Why not donate a car to a vet in need. He was there for you when you needed a helping hand.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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