Thursday, March 21, 2013

Choose The Right Small Business General Liability Insurance

I work for a pizza store that does twenty eight thousand a week. We are busy and it is profitable. Our owners decided they needed to get Small Business General Liability Insurance to protect themselves. In this world, you need to make sure you have insurance to protect your interests. You also want to choose the right insurance company. You want a company with a good reputation and who has been around for awhile. You also want to get the best price for the most insurance. You can check this out online or you can meet face to face with an insurance agent. We need liability insurance at our company to protect us from anything that might pop up. There is always somebody who is trying to make a buck and there are things you cannot control. Some people hate insurance, but you need it to survive.

The owners of our pizza store are very intelligent. They know how to run a business from the ground up. They also learned they had to protect themselves. They had to deal with some instances in the past that caused them to wake up and get insured. I am impressed at the way they run their business and the money they take in. They have learned from mistakes and have improved their business. The owners used to own car washes and other businesses. One guy owns a fish restaurant and another guy owns a restaurant named after himself. These businesses have decent income, but the pizza business is what keeps them busy. I believe they have at least twenty stores, with ours being one of the busiest.

I never heard of our pizza store before I came to Florida ten years ago. It is a chain that began in Michigan and moved with the owners. They moved to Florida and became an instant success. They made a few mistakes, but they learned from their mistakes. They have decided to get the best insurance possible to protect their stores and themselves. I believe I will become a small business owner in the future and I will follow their model. It has worked for the owners of our pizza store and I believe it will work for me. It takes a lot of hard work to run a small business. Why lose everything by being under-insured?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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