Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Don't Forget Your Travel Kit Or You May Be Sorry

I have to have my razor with me when I go on a trip. It has to be that particular razor or nothing. It is important to me to have a good smooth shave each and every day. It is important to me to feel good and a good shave can do that for you. That is why I make sure I have my travel kit with me whenever I go on a trip, even on vacation. I think most men are like this. When it comes to women, it's their makeup and clothing. Men are different, we need a razor that will give us a perfect shave.

I remember the good old days. You would step into the barber shop, sit in the chair and get ready for your haircut. The guy would ask you what kind of haircut you wanted, you would look at dad and the man would nod his head. My father would sit in the chair and the barber would give him the works. It was funny with my dad because he was nearly bald. He had a few long hairs that ran down the middle of his forehead. He would also have some hair on the lower back of his head. The rest of his head was bald. He would tell the barber to shave it all off. The barber would get rid of the hair on my father's head and my father would look new again. Then the barber would take out the straight razor.

It was strange watching the barber use the straight razor. That knife reminds me of horror movies where the bad guy slices through the victims neck. My father would have shaving cream on his face and the barber would easily shave his face with that sharp straight razor. I always expected to see blood, but the barber never once cut my father's face. I think if he did, I would have likely ran out of the barber shop screaming. Lucky for me, that never happened. I don't see me using a straight razor on my own face because my imagination runs wild. I do however have a good razor and a travel kit with everything I need to get that perfect shave. Make sure you bring your shaving kit with you on every vacation. If not, you may have to use one of those disposable razors that seems to always cut up your face. 

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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