Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hivelocity Is A Good Hosting Company

My company decided it was time for them to find a new hosting company. The old company began to raise their prices six months ago and our bill continues to increase.  I also noticed two changes in the company. The service was lacking and the customer service had lost some care for the customer. I called them a few times, was talked to by a computer and had to wait a long time before somebody human actually talked to me. One time, one of the customer service representatives actually hung up on me. I was a little grumpy because I had to call back and go through the computerized voice once again. I was given the chore to find this new hosting company. I looked up hosting companies online and found a place called Hivelocity Hosting. I decided to check them out and find out a little more about them. They seemed cool, so I called them up. I appreciated the customer representative, they were friendly and seemed to be happy to talk to me.

We changed out hosting company because we were tired of the old company. They just were not getting the job done the way they should have. The technicians came in and had us up and going in no time.  The service is great and the product is better.  Today, I am happy we changed to a more advanced system with a company that stands behind their product.  A good hosting company makes sure everything runs perfectly and fixes a problem as soon as it comes up. If the old company had better customer service, we may have been able to work something out.

I noticed the other day that our old hosting company was running a special. They claimed their product was superior and their customer service was bar none. I know for a fact the old company is telling a bunch of half truths. I am glad we decided to change hosting companies, Hivelocity is a great company with incredible customer service.  My boss gave me a raise the other day because I excelled in the project he gave me. Finding a new hosting company was a test and I passed with flying colors. I will be ready and waiting for my next task, hoping for another opportunity to prove myself to our company.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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